"I have to rave for a moment about all your Gluten Free Sweets! Your original/plain cheesecake is hands down my favorite Cheesecake; gluten free or otherwise. The cake is the perfect amount of sweetness and the homemade graham cracker crust is superb! I have successfully been keeping healthy, keeping my Celiac Disease in check, by keeping Gluten Free for five years. In those years I've tried countless "gluten free" products, many had little taste or were cross contaminated. You have mastered the art of delivering a delicious (and safe) slice of Heaven! I also especially loved your low-carb bagel and flat breads. So now I will order online! Bravo! I can't wait to make it back home for another (whole) cheesecake- (don't judge... it's that good). Much love and many thanks!!"

Marnie Crane

"Following my Celiac Disease diagnosis, I spent years craving all of the baked goods I could no longer have. I would make do with frozen gluten-free foods from the grocery store, but they just weren't the same and I continued to feel deprived of so many of the foods I once loved and took for granted. Then, one day, I heard about the Sweet Felicity Bake Shop. The first day I visited the bakery, I could not incredible selection of freshly made baked goods. That week, I had my first s'mores in years with gluten-free graham crackers, the best cheesecake I'd ever had (even before going gluten free!), and cinnamon rolls that were to die for! I am now a regular customer, and I continue to be amazed at the variety and quality of everything Sweet Felicity has to offer (they even have low-carb and other allergen-free options!). I would absolutely recommend Sweet Felicity Bake Shop to anyone looking for delicious food. Whether you follow a gluten-free diet or not, you will not be disappointed!!"

Rachael Downing